Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Kids Dig is an indoor recreational facility for kids, with a giant sandbox that contains over 40 tons of sand. Kids Dig provides the sand toys, as well as facilities to host private birthday parties and events.

Sakrete Natural Play Sand that is screened, washed, dried & bagged. More information about the sand is posted at Kids Dig and can also be viewed at .

Kids 8 years old and under can play in the sandbox.

Kids Dig is not a licensed daycare facility and kids must be supervised by an adult.

Signed Waivers are required and must be filled out by a Parent/ Guardian of kids playing at Kids Dig.

Depending on the number of kids using the sand box, a Parent/ Guardian may be allowed to play with their kid(s); however they will be required to sign a waiver.

Kids Dig provides a wide variety of toys for kids to use, there is no need to pack up your own toys, we’ve got you covered!

The sand box toys are continuously cleaned as sand is widely known as a type of soap that "physical" removes dirt and oils, while regular soap is generally thought of as a "chemical" removal of dirt and oils. The toys in the Sand-Free area for babies / infants are washed daily to minimize the spread of germs.

To ensure the safety of our patrons, Kids Dig has employees, security alarm & cameras to properly manage & protect the facility. We also entrust that it is the responsibility of our adult patrons to oversee their kids.

Kids Dig is not licensed to prepare and serve food or drinks.

Yes, food (fast-food & brown bag) and drinks (non-alcoholic) are welcome, but only allowed and consumed at the picnic tables (not party rooms and not by the sandbox). Also, Kids are not allowed to go in and out of the sandbox while eating their food.

Yes, however play could be limited depending on the child’s disability. To ensure there is enough space for all kids to play, Kids Dig will help find space to park wheelchairs outside of the sandbox while kids enjoy the sand!

Yes! If you’d rather sit back and watch the enjoyment from the sidelines, we have a sitting area for adults and free Wi-Fi and charging stations.

Yes. There is a separate Sand-Free Play Area that is carpeted and includes mini construction trucks and trains for them to enjoy! Sand Play kids are not allowed in this area.

Sorry, footwear and socks are not allowed in the sandbox

Kids Dig loves pets, but we want to keep the sand as clean as possible so pets are not allowed; however, service dogs may be permitted at the discretion of management.

Yes. The following are the posted Sand Play Rules:

  • Kids 8 yrs. & Under
  • No Food, Drinks, Candy or Gum
  • Shoes & Socks are not Allowed
  • No Throwing Sand or Burying of Kids
  • No Running, Screaming or Climbing on Rocks
  • Toys & Sand Must Stay in the Sandbox
  • Only Kid Dig’s Toys are Permitted
  • Adults Parents / Guardians must watch their Kids

Yes. Kids Dig can host your special event/request for up to 20 kids. Please call us to discuss how we can collaborate and create a great experience for your group.

Yes, Kids Dig will show the Bronco Games on Sundays, during its business hours. However, no sound will be available, patrons must be respective of others and can watch the game only during their allotted Sand Play time; also, game type party snacks and alcohol are not allowed. Remember, that it's still your responsibility to still watch your kids.

Weekday afternoon hours are very slow at Kids Dig; as most kids are taking naps and siblings are being pick up from school. However, we will now be open on Mondays; so, the fun continues Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm at Kids Dig.

Birthday Questions

The following pizza parlors are conveniently located near to Kids Dig

  • Dominos 303-972-9792
  • Pizza Hut 303-973-1651
  • Pudge Bros. 303-932-1451
  • PM.C.'s Brooklyn Pizzeria 303-763-8299
  • Garlic Knot: 303-980-5668
  • Walter’s 303 Pizzeria 303-795-3030

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own fast-food, sandwiches, drinks, party cakes and ice cream. Kids Dig will provide a refrigerator and pizza warming bag for your food. Kids Dig does not allow crockpots, portable ovens, or buffet style food setups. All food and drinks must be consumed in the party room, not in the open sand play seating area.

Yes, but to a limited degree, as balloons and party streamers are allowed, so long as the adhesive tape doesn’t damage the walls / paint (no pins/ tacks allowed); however, confetti/ glitter is not allowed to be used in the party rooms.

Kids Dig has 3 party rooms available; one that holds up to 8 kids, another hold up to 16 kids and a larger one that hold up to 20 kids.

Kids Dig provides the following: table settings, tablecloth, plates, cups, utensils, napkins & bottled water for each kid, along with party favors.

No, birthday celebrations or gatherings with birthday food (i.e., cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream etc.) and presents are not allowed in the sand play sitting / picnic area.

Birthday parties are 2 hours long with the first 1 ½ hours of Sand Play, followed by the last ½ hour of birthday celebration in a party room. Food and drinks must remain in the party room and kids are not allowed to re-enter the sand box area, once their birthday celebration has started.

Signed Waivers are required; and must be filled out by the Parent/ Guardian of any kid participating in any Kids Dig activity. Guests of a Parent/ Guardian and/or of a participating kid, are not required to fill out a Waiver.

Yes. Kids Dig is always open to the public for sand play and does not close for birthday parties.

RC Play (Remote Control)

An activity for kids to play with remote-control construction vehicles and is separate from regular Sand Play

Yes. RC Play has its own posted Rules, beside the current posted Sand Play Rules. Kids must be over 4 yrs. old to play and accompanied by an adult/ guardian. In addition, the adult must supervise and help instruct their child’s proper use of the remote-control vehicles.

Kids and their Adult / Guardian can drive a Dump Truck, Loader, Excavator and Bulldozer.

No reservations required at this time. However, you may want to call us since we are limited to 4 players at one time.

Liability Waiver
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KIDS DIG’s Sandbox Safety
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